April 1, 2021

German Woman Looking Men for Serious Relationship

Germany Woman Looking Man
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German Single Women Dating for Relationship
36 - Hamburg - Germany

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  1. Hi dear. How r u. U look lovely. I'm interested in getting to know u and I'm very serious. I'm a highly qualified man and single for sure. If u like contact me on my WhatsApp 01222189339

    1. Hi! Are you a woman looking for? If you're a woman contact me through+255655378322

    2. Looking for single woman contract me through Whatsapp number +255655378322

    3. Hi sweetie,I'm a young energetic man from Ghana who is looking for serious relationship which will lead to marriage. I am Eric Teye am 35 years of age, a very smart man, pls if u give me ur love,I promise to love ❤️ u back respect u, but what i like is respect in woman, mostly is truthfulness. WhatsApp me on+233243960774 or email ✉️

  2. Hello Beautiful, you look Great and CUTE, can we get along together please WhatsApp me through+254 721 876403 please

  3. ‌Whatsapps number +8801729726045
    Hi sweet beauty beautiful Queen. I love you Very much
    My Country :Bangladesh, city: Dhaka and
    I m' single age: 33 years, If you agree and

    If you want I wanted to marry you. Made of you my life partner.I Like your country
    I wanted to go your country. If you
    Please give me your country visa.

  4. Hello my dear, I hope you're doing good ? thank God I'm also doing good too, I'm Charles from Ghana a young and energetic man of 36 years of age and single without kids, dear ? I value family and believed that it is necessary to have a strong family for everyone, I'm therefore seeking from you marriage relationship which may lead us to produced a beautiful and blessed offspring, do trust me I will never disappoint you, I love you and want to be the reason you smile every single day, you are a special gift and your love means a lot to me, let's grow old together to fulfill our destiny and make each other happy forever, I promise to do my best for you just because I want us to feel blissful with the fact that we have found each other in this world , you're the one who will make my life amazing, I know you won't stand lies, you really appreciate honesty and sincerity in people therefore I promise to tell you the truth about what ever you want to know and to always stay together with you in times of your need and stick with you through trying times, though I am not rich and may not be worthy to be your lover but however I'm honesty a gentle soul with adorable qualities and hard working man, am greatly committed to what ever thing I do, someone that understand the value of a good smile and create room for improvement always ready to accept correction and to be able to relate with you in a more sound way, I'm not afraid of serious commitment and has the fear of the Lord, I believed gradually you will get to understand my entire person , you can realized that in our lives we all need that one person to share our thoughts, fear, joy, love and other feelings, my dear ? life was meant for a good friends and great adventure don't care for one's handsomeness but manners, attitude and personality must also be necessary, true love is beautiful life in the world when you meet with your right partner, I promise to offer you support when the situation has call for such, serious love are always respect, care and support love, more importantly ? you make happy and never hurt, sweetheart ? you're a blessing you know, a blessing that my entire being is thankful for... I feel we are made to love, listen, understand and work through all time's together in our lives , a truly rare gift of love, true love doe's not consider distance it is beyond everything, true love doe's not see anything else it is just about pure emotion, even though I'm not rich but I know a good woman don't care about money, career or statues in life, but loyalty, time , commitment, respect and love, I promised to give you the love that you always dream of where you're in harmony with my soul, In fact I have come to conclusion that the only place to find you is my heart, only you I wish to see now, you're becoming my best friend, my lover, my soulmate, do accept me with faith, I love you and mean it from my heart I promise to become a good husband who will fight for you, appreciate you, care for you, and love you more and more, I will show you how serious I'm and how serious I love you, my sincerity, affectionately, humility, compassionately and respect you as my soulmate, I will put you under my arm to be protected and next the heart to be loved, Dear ? you make me feel want, you make me feel need, more Importantly ? you make me feel loved, I plead that you give me a chance to express my love and affection for you, I will put you first in every circumstances and
    I promise never to forsake you, I believed someday your presence may give me a positive vibe, a vibe that will make me feel happy, a vibe that makes all the differences in my life, my dream is to find one woman with whom we build a happy relationship and stay together till the end of time, I love you wholeheartedly and will be Glad to call you mine always I'm waiting to hear from you soon, Yours Faithfully,
    Charles + 233244631824 or

  5. I am interested, I am 34 years old, I am from Mozambique, Africa, my WhatsApp number is : +258 828602524

  6. Proposals Required For Male Accountant From Egypt, Cairo
    Name : Mahmoud Gamal
    Gender : Male
    Age : 38
    Education : pre master of Accounting & Finance
    Job : Internal Auditor & Chief Accountant
    Nationality : Egyptian
    Marital Status : Divorced
    Children : Boy ( 3 years ) Only
    Religion : Muslim
    Languages : Arabic , English
    Personality : Respectful, friendly, loyal, loving, flexible, sociable, cultured, ambitious, sane and responsible.
    Current Residence : Egypt
    Mobile & WhatsApp : 00201010526134
    Mail 1 :
    Mail 2 :
    Seeking : I am looking for an educated wife, single, divorced, or widow from the age of 20 to 40 years from America, Canada, Australia or Europe who wants social stability and there is no problem if she has children and Residence and travel in her country

    ‎الاسم / محمود جمال
    ‎السن / ٣٨
    ‎الحالة الاجتماعية / مطلق
    ‎الجنسية / مصرى
    ‎الدراسة / دراسات عليا محاسبة ومراجعة مالية
    ‎المهنة / رئيس حسابات ومراجع داخلى
    ‎الاطفال / طفل ٣ سنوات
    ‎الموطن الاصلى / مصر
    ‎الاقامة الحالية / مصر
    ‎المظهر والخلق / وسيم وحسن الخلق
    ‎المطلوب / زوجة ارملة او مطلقة او عازبة السن من ٢٠ سنة فما فوق ( امريكا - اوروبا - كندا - استراليا-روسيا ) لا امانع لو فى اطفال
    ‎لمزيد من التفاصيل عنى الاتصال او واتساب / 00201010526134
    ‎ملاحظة هامة / هدفى الاستقرار المادى والعاطفى والاجتماعى والسفر والإقامة فى بلدها

  7. Hello
    I'm Ahmed farouk from Egypt
    I'm single
    I'm looking for real love and life

  8. Hello
    I'm Ahmed farouk from Egypt
    I'm single
    I'm looking for real love and life

  9. If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing ahoɔfɛ dua??

    Wenn nichts für immer andauert, wirst du mein Nichts sein?

  10. Helo I am interested
    I am looking for serious relationship

  11. Yes needed badly
    Looking marvel
    Come on waiting for you for the strong relationship
    I from Pakistan and want to settle in your country

  12. Hello good day how are you?am Ben sure your doing great kindly want to have a serious talks with you if you don't mind please hit me back when you get my message or add me on WhatsApp (+233540538416)have a nice day take care

  13. ‌Whatsapps number +8801729726045
    Hi sweet beauty beautiful Queen.
    I love you Very much.I am Male,
    Religious doesn’t matter
    My Country :Bangladesh, city: Dhaka and
    I m' single age: 33 If you agree and

    I like your country very much. If you wants please give your country visa.
    If you agree, I can marry you. But for me to go to your country will bear the cost of visa processing. Besides, I don't want anything from you anymore. Contact us if you can do it. If not, do not contact.

  14. Hi sweetie
    Please inbox me on and let chat

  15. Hi how are you? My name is Bachir. I'm from Algeria. I want to know you. If you accept my knowledge. For relationship. My contact WhatsApp is+213 662 498656

  16. My Name is Joël I'm in Africa. I'm interested!!! I'm joined to +2250153379253 or

  17. Hello dear
    Am India
    Call me +918805420097

  18. I love you, this is all I have to say, call me on WhatsApp+2347031308396

  19. Hi dear am single man from Uganda aged 34 years old please you can add me on my WhatsApp no +256773040017 or Email and we talk more Thanx Mr.Owen Francis .

  20. Hello! Am called King from Ghana West Africa. And here seriously searching for true and everlasting relationship. So if interested, kindly WhatsApp me on +233591700578

  21. Que la paix soit sur vous en Christ et j'espère que vous allez bien et que tout va bien
    Je m'appelle Nadeem Christian et j'appartiens au Pakistan
    Mon âge 24 ans
    je suis célibataire
    Il y a quelqu'un en Christ qui peut m'épouser
    Parce que je suis écrit dans la Sainte Parole du Seigneur Jésus-Christ !
    Vous êtes tous dans une même famille et une seule âme pour la foi de l'évangile.
    Mon numéro WhatsApp ou mon numéro imo
    Il est écrit dans la Parole du Christ que si vous demandez il vous sera donné, et si vous cherchez vous trouverez, et la porte vous sera ouverte

  22. Hi my name is Binod .I am from India. I am 35 years. I want a serious relationship.

  23. Will u like real life partner relationship with Islamic law if u r agre plz contact me my WhatsApp number 0p926787741

  24. HI , my name is rodrigue from Togo , my whatsapp number +22899222550 , contact me , I like you and I want know more about you before love you

  25. Hi message on whatsapp hope i am 24 years old i have my own business from afghanistan i want to make contact with you +93 78 005 3624

  26. Hi
    Whis is my WhatsApp number

  27. Hello my beautiful love, how are you, can we be friends, nice to meet you here
    I am Samuel Tessfa 30 years, I live in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, I am looking for my faithful companion, a trustworthy life partner, a long term relationship leading to marriage, if you are interested send me a mail, I will be a faithful partner and give you all the love, I am also willing to move to any Other country you like, this is my email and you can email me WhatsApp +251910288681

  28. I'm Joseph from Ghana in West Africa and you can fine tourist sites like castle, kanopy walk and in my country Ghana you will love it and feel peace. And you will see me on and what's app me to on +233548041639, join me on Facebook Arthur Joseph

  29. Hello dear, I'm Nnaemeka Matthew Ogbonna (Emmy) from Biafra.
    Age - 33
    Height - 5'8ft
    Religion - Christianity
    Occupation - Artisan
    Email -
    WhatsApp number - +2248062708042
    Give me the privilege to cherish your beauty forever

  30. I a Gentleman from London.You really attracted me and Iam interested to know you please reply me on

    And we get to know each other.
    Thank you.


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